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SOURCE is completely off-grid and self-contained, creating drinking water from just sunlight and air.

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The Science of Making Water

Water Production

Using advanced water capture technology, a standard SOURCE array replaces more than a twelve-pack and up to a twenty-pack of bottled water on a sunny day.*


Although water production can vary depending on the weather in your location, SOURCE technology is optimized for a wide range of conditions and can even produce water in low to medium sun and humidity. Today, SOURCE is making water for people in some of the most arid deserts in the world.

Hydro Panel


No pipe input. No electrical input. No infrastucture. Independence means peace of mind. SOURCE is abundance in drinking water. up to a case of battled water generated per day from a pair of panels

Total Water Produced

total liters of water produced

Average 8-20 Bottles Two-Panel Array Production

8 – 20 standard water bottles, or 4 – 10 liters, per 2-panel array; dependent on conditions related to sunshine and humidity.

30 Liter Water Reservoir

SOURCE panels make water that flows into a 30 liter reservoir where it is mineralized for optimal taste, storing up to 120 standard bottles per 2-panel array.

About Us

Solar Bay is a renewable investment fund with the vision of changing the Australian rooftop space. We fund large scale rooftop solar systems and provide value back to both tenants and landlords through cheaper, cleaner electricity produced by the sun and supplementary rental income from use of the roof space to the landlord.


Commercial Solar

Recent Transactions

Maroochydore – Dalton Dr

Solar Bay helps drive down Heathley's tenants electricity co


BBC Plastics

100% self consumption 100kWp solar system.


Hartex Engineering

A significant investment was made back into the company for


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  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA