Camperdown Kids Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Client: Camperdown Kids

Camperdown Kids partner with Solar Bay to drive down electricity costs.

Camperdown Kids Overview

Solar Bay Solar as a Service, funded solar system.

Two solar systems sized for each consumption totalling 24.75kW of Commercial Solar.

Saving a total of 33% from a yearly spend of $22,203, from $0 capex spend.

No maintenance or management costs.

The Challenge

To maximise the solar system size, Solar Bay had to analyse what the cost vs benefit was to combining the meters vs keeping them seperate. We came to the conclusion it was best for the customer to keep them seperate and maximise a better network tariff while maximising the solar system self-consumption to export ratio.

The Equipment

SMA 10&15kW Tripower Inverters


Trina Honey 275watt panels

Production - Daily

The Process

Site Visit

During the initial site visit Solar Bay collects information on the existing electricity contracts, roof weight bearing and generation capacity, buildings electricity consumption profile, and most importantly the client goals.


Energy interval data and network tariff analysis showed a 60kW system would reduce total grid energy consumption to a new threshold allowing for a network tariff change, while only resulting in minimal export.

Grid Connection Application

Grid connection was a straight forward process, grid protection was required, as expected.

Structural Engineering Certificate

Due to internal cranes at the site the load bearing capacity of the roof was not a limiting factor of the install.

System Design

Two Fronius 27kW inverters each with five strings were designed to maximise performance, at minimal cost.


Safety was taken into consideration from the first site visit. All measures were put in place for OHS, working at heights and electrical safety.


After identifying the location for the inverters and cabling, the team worked for 10 days to install the system.


A detailed handover and instruction manual was provided to Radcoflex to ensure all of their questions could be answered.

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  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA

  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA