About Us

One social responsibility we must do. Eliminate plastic.

We promote awareness and self-regulation by reducing consumers carbon footprint each refill. We combine technology and social responsibility while eliminating plastic. One bottle at a time you can have a positive impact across your community, ocean and the environment.

A happier, greener planet

Nobody wants plastic bottles in our waterways or landfill. Especially when you know they last for 1000 years. Yep, ONE. THOUSAND. YEARS. Every HydroPoint refill stops another plastic bottle from entering the environment.

Smart Water Kiosk network

Our goal is to have a national infrastructure network of Kiosks for hydration on the go.

You’re funding good causes

Kiosks have the ability to collect donations to support your preferred environmental charity/foundation.

Who we are

HydroPoint is an Eco-tech business which supplies atmospheric generated water through Smart Water Kiosks to create a greener economy by eliminating plastic.

The Smart Water Kiosk is a circular economy model which offers a choice of still or sparkling water and reusable stainless-steel bottles which are embedded with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) contactless payment technology. The Kiosks are able to integrate with the existing counsel infrastructure such as Opal card for payment options. 

Our Smart Water Kiosk™ is an environmental solution as it eliminates plastic bottle waste and the continual use of resources. 

We produce  high-quality water with 0 contaminants which is the purest, best tasting drinking water on the market.