Standard kiosk size (1900 x 1120 x 1120mm)

40-inch LCD Screen

Multiple payment options for water and bottle sales

Stainless steel bottle sales (no plastics)

12.1-inch capacitive IP65 touch screen

Internal 300 Litre stainless steel tank (optional)

12 x 15 or 19 litre swappable Spring Water bottle system (optional)

Hydropanel water production (optional)

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Natural Spring Water

Fresh and healthy

Still or sparkling

Chilled to perfection

Refill with your
own bottle or ours

No plastic bottles


Locations include major shopping centres, universities, schools, swimming pools, libraries, parks and hospitals, offering an environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable option.

Our refill station sell mineralised drinking water; with a choice of still or sparkling and reusable stainless-steel bottles, embedded with RFID contactless payment technology.

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Landlord and Tenant Benefits

on-site waste





Screen advertising and branding

Hydropoint Kiosk Screens

Our refill stations are equipped with a commercial grade 40 inch LCD screen, providing our partners with lucrative Digital Out Of Home Advertising opportunities across a large network.

  • 8 Second advertisements are displayed on a rotating basis, offering a minimum of one ad every 56 seconds
  • Full motion video or static creative options are available
  • Positions brands, products or offers in front of an audience of shoppers, commuters, professionals, holiday makers and more
  • Targeted engagement with users of the Hydropoint Kiosk app
  • Multiple creatives may be used and changed throughout the course of a campaign
  • Station branding wrap
  • Bottle branding available

Hydration Station Business Revenue

Decide how many machines you want to secure and locations for a 15-year lifespan.

Assistance to enable site access for the install team.

Get paid automatically every month with a cashflow positive position.

Have a 7-year payback term
on the equipment.

100% passive

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